Our neighborhood is rich in cultures and steeped in history, seasoned with heritage from every corner of the Earth.

The neighborhood is lively, teeming with families and celebration. The commercial district bustles with restaurants, bakeries, salons, groceries, entertainment venues, book stores, professional offices, boutiques and sidewalk cafes.

The sights and scents are other-worldly: Spring's splendid cascading blossoms and Robin's song, the aroma of coffee, majestic Maple archways shade quiet winding avenues intersecting emerald island boulevards. Under summerís pastel skies, we gather beneath our fragrant arbors and porticos. In fall, we delight in the tall blushing of Maples and Oaks and in winter, stay cozy in our blanket of white- the neighborhood festively dressed in holiday wreathes and  twinkling lights.

Mary Beth Rieth, APOA President

A beautiful sampler of aviation subdivision homes, sketched by Tim Briody

The first aviation property association formed in 1940. For over 25 years, the Historic Aviation Property Owners' Association, APOA, has continued to highlight and preserve the unique beauty and character of this elegant neighborhood.

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The Aviation Sub, in the northeast corner of Dearborn,  was the first exclusive brick subdivision in the city, built in the 1920's and 1930's by the finest architects and European craftsmen for the brass of Ford Motor Co. The large unique homes feature stained glass, arches, sculpted wood and limestone, and an elegant variety of brick, stone and plaster artistry. Many are English tudors and colonials, with a few ranches.        More history-->

"APOA works every day to keep our subdivision beautiful, safe and inviting. APOA is formidably involved in city and state government and is very active in education, business and civic associations," said Mary Beth Rieth, APOA President.

"We encourage you to join APOA!
Stand with us or lend your talents to this vibrant neighborhood organization!  We need you!"
- Mary Beth Rieth
Historic Aviation Property Owners' Association
Dearborn, Michigan USA
Elegance and Architecture Unmatched

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